Sterling began her rope journey in August, 2013 as a bottom and four months later began rigging as well. She has never, ever been a part of a community that has ever made her feel so loved and so proud to be a part. She loves the passion many share for the artistic, sadistic, masochistic or just fun loving facets that rope bondage has for each individual person to experience and fall in love with.

Her journey to rope education has been one filled with a genuine desire to simply share what she can.  The thing that keeps her working with bondage and teaching is the opportunity to help anyone achieve their goals in rope bondage, whatever they may be.

She has had the privilege of performing with bondage on several occasions, in varying cities. She was honored to be selected for Morpheus’ Bondage Extravaganza 2014 as a rigger, as an attendee for the inaugural NARIX 2014, as an instructor for the Bondage Expo Dallas 2015 and 2016, as an instructor for the inaugural RopeCraft 2016 and had the honor of teaching rope at Beyond Vanilla 2017.

As this journey continues forth, she looks forward to the friends she hopes to make and to being with the friends and loved ones found already in this wonderfully ropey world.


Beginning Suspension: All the Sh*t That Always Goes Wrong

This class isn’t about the safety talk and it isn’t about how to tie harnesses. It’s about all the stuff that goes wrong when you already know the basics, because it always can and Murphy’s Law says that it always will.  We will talk about how to streamline the process of suspension as you start getting into the deeper and riskier waters of rope bondage.  Too often we ask ‘how in the world did that jam happen?’ or ‘where did her left arm go…it was just attached, I swear!’.  Let’s answer those questions and figure out how to prevent all the little things that can freak out people as they get their toes wet in suspension bondage.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Rigging Suspension for Shortys & Smalls

This class is aimed toward smaller bodied individuals who often times find that they are constantly tying people that are larger then them.  It is a battle of balance and counter balance and of ensuring safety and control in a suspension situation where brute force alone will not do the trick.  This is a technical class to delve into what we can do manage rigging larger individuals than us shorties 😉

Prerequisites: Must be capable of safe suspension

Level: Advanced

Type: Hands On


Achievement Unlocked: Fluffy Suspension Top

I don’t actually know what you would call the opposite of ‘Semenawa’ (torture bondage) but I am gonna argue that ‘fluffy’ is as good a place to start as any.  This class if focused on understanding the innate discomfort that rope naturally affords, and how to make basic suspensions more endurable for bottoms.  Sustainability of a tie can oftentimes be compromised by unintentional unsustainable levels of discomfort….lets fix that together!  Come to this class with rope and common problems you have and let’s lab through them!

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On