Shay is a vivacious femme switch with over a decade of experience educating, hosting, and performing in the BDSM community (often with her partner Stefanos). Her background as an ER nurse informs her passion for risk awareness education; as well as being an international presenter, she is a self-rigger with a love for dynamic suspensions. She is the creator and writer of the bondage safety website and identifies as a purveyor of perversion, pansexual polyamorist playslut, and alliteration fetishist! She is based in San Francisco, where she is the programming director for Dark Odyssey: Surrender & the SF Citadel, as well as being the producer of Twisted Windows and host of BENT, San Francisco’s biggest ongoing dungeon event.



Flipping Out: 2-Point Dynamic Suspensions

Explore the acrobatics and freedom of movement that rope can offer! This playful rig lends itself well to silly and exhibitionistic scenes… or to nasty predicaments! Shay will cover safety concerns specific to this rig and review the necessary supplies. She will then show several variations on a 2-point dynamic suspension, focusing on attaching from just the hips (using a Leto harness). Bring your rope kit if you’d like to practice along, and as time & equipment allows we’ll get you in the air! This class is very self-suspension friendly.   Supply requirements: Please bring at least two 25-30 foot lengths of suspension-worthy rope. Nylon or MFP is recommended. If you have carabiners and/or spinners, please bring what you’ve got! For main support lines, instructors will have Amsteel to loan. Bottoms/self-suspenders should ideally wear snug leggings/tights.

Prerequisites: Tops: This is a fast-moving class that assumes an intermediate level of suspension knowledge — it is not appropriate for bondage beginners. Tops should know, at minimum, suspension-ready chest harness, attaching support lines, and basics of evaluating hard points and negotiation for bondage. While the Leto harness will be reviewed in class, familiarity with this tie will be very advantageous.

Bottoms: You must be healthy enough for suspension in general, and inversion specifically. Mobile suspensions are not necessarily strenuous (they can be quite comfortable), but getting the most out of mobile suspensions requires body awareness & some degree of fitness. If you are not experienced with suspension, you might start with reading this article.

Self-riggers: Same requirements as for tops AND bottoms. This is an intermediate-difficult tie to self-rig.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Type: Hands On


The Triangle Suspension (for Masochists & Movers)

Explore dynamic movement with this minimalistic 3- to 5- point-based rig. This class is hands-on and is self- or partnered-suspension friendly. As the rigging is fairly minimal, a good portion of the class will focus on giving the suspended person time to learn how to get the most out of the rig.  Supplies: 2-4 pieces of ~30 foot rope, 2-4 pieces of ~10-15 foot rope. A suspension ring and/or at least 4 carabiners (locking carabiners strongly preferred). Upline (synthetic/rated upline strongly recommended).

Prerequisites: Suspension-worthy chest harness (preferred) or TK that can load from the back. Support line management skills. For people being suspended: Body awareness and adequate fitness for a strenuous tie that heavily loads the chest & requires core strength. Communication skills.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Type: Hands On



Stretching, Conditioning, & Warmup (WITH KinkySpinx)

There’s been a lot of research on effective warm-up, conditioning, and stretching. Much of what we thought we knew years ago is probably wrong! This class provides an overview of the science on injury prevention and warm-up/stretching.  After reviewing the general principles, we’ll have an opportunity to run through a warm-up, some conditioning and core exercises, and both static and dynamic stretches. Every body is different. Understanding the research, and your goals/intentions, will help you design a routine that works for you. This is a body-positive class that can be modified for a spectrum of physical abilities, and explores these topics as an optional addition to your bondage skillset.

Prerequisites: Body and health awareness to participate safely at a level that’s appropriate for your body.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Type: Hands On