Orannis – Free Range Rope

Orannis, who likes to be called O (pronouns: she/her), identifies primarily as masochist and a submissive.  She entered the scene 6 years ago, drawn to old-guard style BDSM, protocol, and edge-play/ordeal.  She was a member of an “old-guard” inspired BDSM household based in Philadelphia for 5 years where she was trained in protocol, leather skills, and sadomasochistic play under the careful tutelage of her Madame, LolaDoe. She continues her training under her Master Rufio. Although she has retained these interests her life changed when she was introduced to rope 4 years ago.  Primarily a bottom, Orannis was drawn to rope for its ability to foster intense connection, offer unique challenges, and deepen headspace. She trained initially under Murphy Blue, with whom she studied primarily his style and the style of Naka Akira. She has since had the opportunity to tie, connect with and study under talented riggers from all over the world to include, but not limited to Naka Akira, Kazami Ranki, Tifereth, Aeolist, Honeybear, PrometheusV… She is particularly excited about her work with Lizard, with whom she ties as well as co-teaches.  Orannis works in healthcare and incorporates her professional knowledge into the classes she teaches.  Currently, she is particularly interested in neurology and kink.  She has also studied bioethics and hopes to bring her interests in social justice, feminism, and equity into her kink career (and life in general).  Orannis has performed at Nuit Des Cordes, Bondage-A-GoGo, and for Dark Odyssey and Ropecraft. She is a NARIX alumnus. She currently serves as a staff member for Ropecpaft where she is the head of medical. Orannis is overcome with excitement to join Bondage Expo Denver and to co-moderate the Free Range Rope space. She hopes to aid Lizard in facilitating a safe, open space of discovery and connection.