Ojipan and goodmosttimes

Ojipan and Goodmosttimes are the teaching team behind the current Devil Mask Society Cell classes. As switches, they specialize in addressing topics from both sides of a tie.


Ojipan has been involved in kink in one form or another for over a decade. He has rigorously been studying rope for five years. Andrew’s rope is heavily influenced by the work of Pedro, Nawashi Kanna, and Hajime Kinoko. He has instructed at Bondage Expo Dallas 2015 & 2016 and Ropecraft New Orleans.


goodmosttimes started her rope education, as a bottom, in early 2012. Happily part of the Devil Mask Society since its inception, she is now one of the driving forces behind many of their local events. She leads the SoCal chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches, moderates annual rope bottoming panels at her local dungeon, and helped produce Ropenspace LA, NARIX 2016, and Kinoko’s Los Angeles Cyber Rope performance. GMT has learned her switchy skills from an array of visiting international instructors. She’s also proud to have performed locally, at Folsom Street Fair, and at Ropecraft
NOLA. She thoroughly enjoyed teaching with Ojipan at Ropecraft NOLA and BED 2015 and 2016 as well as at weekend intensives across the US and Canada.



Tasuki Shibari 

Hands behind tie with an X across the body

This instructional teaches not only variations on the Tasuki Shibari pattern but also demonstrates applications for Agoura and Ebi Shibari. Partial suspensions for torture play taught. Applications for full suspension discussed with demonstration if allowed by class time.

Prerequisites: Ability to construct a non-collapsing single column tie. Familiarity with the components of a gote shibari will be helpful.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Historical Adaptation Lab

“It’s not about Shibari being great, it’s about individuality.“ Hajime Kinoko, 2011 – This lab is intended to inspire a creative approach to deconstruction and adaptation of ties in the hopes of encouraging more diversity and self-expression in rope bondage. We will focus on exercises in pattern adaptation from historical Japanese sources. Both presenters and attendees will participate in the experimentation with observation and critique. Sources will be provided.

Prerequisites: An understanding of various components of tying and an open mind for recontextualizing them into something new.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Suspendable Hishi Tengu

Diamond chest harness with arms bent up at the sides

This class will combine the intensity of the Hojo-Hishi pattern with the arm positioning of the Tengu tie in a form that is appropriate for upright suspensions. Participants will have time to experiment with Postman, M-shape, Windmill other upright variations.

Prerequisites: Ability to construct a stable single column tie and in-line cuff.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Type: Hands On