Marc Taylor and SNoB

Marc Taylor

MarcTaylor has been a rope bondage practitioner, performer, and educator for the past 11 years. MarcTaylor has taught and performed all over the world, most notably in Hong Kong, Toronto, and London. MarcTaylor is the ringleader of the Pink Fork Mafia, an international family of kinky people dedicated to each other and the pursuit of dungeon and real world shenanigans often involving pink plastic cutlery. He enjoys smooth jazz and naked people in distress.


Big Mike, aka SNoB, is a proud member of the Pink Fork Mafia, an international kink family. He moved to Denver in 2014 from Portland where he was involved in the kink scene since 2006. He has taught and performed at KinkFest, Sonic Bloom, Portland Rope Arts Group, Denver Rope Bite, Morpheus’s Bondage Extravaganza, DeaconX Fetish Night, Night of Kink, Repent and various other fetish events. He has also served on the KinkFest committee 5 times. He is a member of the circus groups Fractal Tribe and Cirque Tones



Fu*ked Up Sh*t

Do you like DM’s? Do you want to meet every DM in the dungeon? Do you want every DM in the dungeon nervously inching towards your scene unsure of what’s going on? If you answered yes to any of these questions this class is for you. We will go on a journey of discovery as we discuss, demonstrate, and dissect some of the more fu*ked up things you can do to a person helplessly bound in rope. Legos, bottle caps, rice, glass, and predicaments are just a few examples of topics that will be covered as well as the mental side of getting your partner to take more pain for you. You are guaranteed to leave with a few new sadistic tricks up your sleeve.

Level: All

Type: Hands On


Above the Ring, Rigging in a Dungeon Environment

A suspension scene always starts the same way, setting up your hard point. Whether you use a ring, carabiners or a rigging plate, your setup always needs to be rigged up in a safe and effective manner. This class will cover the basics of doing that. One of the biggest keys to a successful suspension scene is being able to efficiently manage your vertical haul lines. For flow and efficiency but most importantly safety. If you don’t have a clear grasp of how to get your bottom in the air, there is no way you will be able to get them down quickly and safely if something goes wrong. We will be taking the bottom out of the equation so the Mafia can help you work on exactly those skills.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Suspension with a Stranger

Lets face it, pick up play isn’t always easy. Its often filled with speed bumps and can lead to disappointment. When you add in an edge play like suspension the likelihood of running into problems increases. This will be a step by step instruction of a pick up suspension scene. From negotiation to aftercare including coming up with a suspension plan and how to modify this plan when complications arise. The instructor has never worked with this bottom before and will “thought bubble” the entire experience.

Prerequisites: This class is targeted at novice to intermediate riggers who can get some people in the air but haven’t developed advanced troubleshooting skills yet.

Level: All

Type: Demo