IPCookieMonster has been a kinky pansexual polyamorous pagan freak for several years, and has written extensively about about her deliciously deviant lifestyle on fetlife and her blog, slutphd.com. In the “vanilla” world, she has one of the best jobs ever: she’s a professor of sociology who studies the BDSM scene. In the “chocolate” world, she writes about and teaches kink, is a founding member of the firespinning troupe Hubris, and is an occasional burlesque/ropelesque perfomer.

Having gone through everything from ballet to tap to fire to pole, she was starting to run out of forms of dance to study in her insatiable quest for new ways to sexily manipulate the human body when she was captured by the divinely inspired ropes of Murphy Blue. And lo, she found a new form of dance to obsess about (bondage) and got some new gods as a bonus. Once she had the epiphany that bondage is fucking awesome, she decided to start preaching the artistic, spiritual, and seductive powers of rope from the bottom.


Advanced Rope Bottoming: Contortured

This advanced class is about the serious shit: splits, backbends, reverse prayer/high hands, strapado, etc. There will be a discussion of relevant cross-training and resources for safe flexibility training, with a focus on the specific breathing and flexibility training exercises that help for bondage. There will be a demo of a difficult tie, with a discussion of how to manage the body in such challenging positions. Most importantly, students should leave this class able to gauge and explain their particular levels of flexibility to potential riggers. Participants are encouraged to bring yoga mats or similar, and arrive in class warmed up.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Type: Demo


Bridging the Communication Chasm between Tops and Bottoms

Riggers usually say that the most valuable skill for a rope bottom is good communication. However, there are serious challenges to becoming a skilled communicator as a rope bottom. These include subcultural shame around “topping from the bottom” and the fact that almost all of the vocabulary of bondage was created by riggers to talk about their priorities—which are frequently not the priorities of rope bottoms. In this workshop, we’ll work together to look for better strategies to help rope tops and bottoms communicate with one another to create mutually satisfying experiences, and IPCM’s Excessive Overcommunication Exercise to practice what we discuss. Bring Your Own Rigger for the practice session.

Level: All

Type: Hands On


Introduction to Rope Bottoming for Suspension, Part 1

This class is designed to give rope bottoms the information they need in order to safely and successfully manage their bodies while in suspension. The emphasis of this class is working with riggers who have never tied you before, so there will be discussion of evaluating potential riggers as well as how to successfully communicate with them. The core of the class is based around a demonstration while will include a negotiation as well as a detailed demonstration analyzing how to safely and elegantly manage your body while suspended by someone whose rope is new to you.

Level: Beginner

Type: Demo


Introduction to Rope Bottoming for Suspension, Part 2

This class will begin with an exercise to help beginning and intermediate rope bottoms train physically and verbally for suspension. After that, participants will have an opportunity to get and give feedback to other rope bottoms as they are suspended. Rope bottoms will exchange guidance and tips in groups as people take turns being tied up. We will discuss and review all stages of the suspension process, including negotiation, tying, and untying. BYOR (Bring Your Own Rigger).

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On