Ebi McKnotty

Ebi McKnotty is a rope addict based in Quebec City, Canada. She has been self­-tying since 2006, and started modeling as a bottom in 2007. She started tying others and self­-suspending in 2011 when she learned with the Ichinawa­Kai and Kazami Ranki in London. It hasn’t stopped since. She travels all over America and Europe to learn and share her discoveries with her community.

Ebi is the co-­founder of the North American Rope Exchange, also known as NARIX, a conference dedicated to the exploration of rope bondage. Grounded in the Japanese style, her ropes have been described as experimental, sweet, sensual and sadistic; usually all at the same time.



Bamboo and Lashings

Very popular among boy scouts, lashings are very useful to tie two posts at an angle. They are also great at creating usual positions when tying two limbs together, or when tying said limb to a bamboo. Topics include the role of bamboo and lashing in bondage, clove hitch for bamboo, adapting lashings to tie limbs, improvisation exercise using bamboo, and time allowing partial suspension on bamboo.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Fluidity and Tensions

Tying with control is the key for intense rope sessions. This class is a series of drills and tips to develop more fluidity and control over tension. Both partners will need to communicate as they learn to feel tension. Topics include handling tips, different levels of tension, tying with rhythm, and developing ambidextry.

Level: All

Type: Hands On