Shigonawa Bingo

Shigonawa Bingo san co-runs the traditional Japanese rope-play bars -UBU- and -mitsu- in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo with Yoi Yoshida san, and teaches not only theory and practice, but also the etiquette and philosophy of kinbaku. He is a friendly and encouraging individual who has taken traditional rope and experimented to refine and improve ties for erotic SM use, and has become one of the leading lights of the Japanese Bakushi scene.   To learn more about Shigonawa Bingo, and to learn more about his teaching style and philosophy regarding kinbaku, please visit this interview published in Kinbaku Today.  


Continued Alertness and Work

My rope is not so focused on patterns/forms, but more on the pacing of the rope, the movement of the body, and the importance of heart. Level: Advanced Type: Hands On  

Progression from Suspension

For what purpose do we suspend? Learn what we can do from suspending. Also, I will teach how to bring the recipient of rope into your world, and to be able to control them freely. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Hands On  

After Play

My rope consists of an “introduction”, “enticement” and “after play”. It is important to say that shibari itself is for after play; but there are those who do after play, and those who use it little. It is one of the things you should really want to learn. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Hands On  

Barkas and Addie


Barkas became an Osada Ryu instructor in 2011 when he opened the Shibari Dojo Vienna. He is one of the 3 licenced Osada Ryu instructors of the world. Since 2015 he carries a given name by Yukimura Haruki Sensei. Harutsuju. This honour allows him to teach Yukimura Ryu as well. Another huge influence is the friendship with Nawashi Kanna Sensei and Kagura San, which started when Barkas co-organized their first tour outside of Japan in 2013. As a product of this high level education, he developed his own, very specific style called “Ranboo”, which is a highly dynamical and stormy way of doing and thinking Kinbaku. He co-organized the annual Viennese Rope Festival and other events such as the “A night full of Kinbaku”. Within his work as a Kinbaku teacher and performer, he cooperates with different artists and arts institutions, such as the Zafraan ensemble, the Viennese Tanzquartier, the photographer Tom Hofmann and many more. A special focus of Barkas is the implementation of various philosophical, sociological, physical, mathematical and historical ideas into his approach. Another of his recent developments is the metaphor of tying as an interview – a certain mind-set that can help to perfect one’s own style. Intellectuality and emotionality don't contradict each other. "To fill the techniques with life and personality". He doesn’t tie people, he ties with them. Performances and Workshops all over the world, such as at Shibaricon (‘14 & ’15 & ‘16) in Chicago, at Moscow knot, at Kannawa Kai and Studio SIX in Tokyo, at West Coast Bound in Vancouver, and many other events and occasions, have made Barkas a well-known and demanded Kinbaku artist.


Addie stumbled into rope several years ago as a bottom and it has been bringing her immense joy ever since. She soon discovered her inner top when she dove into tying and self-suspension as alternate methods of practicing and experiencing rope. She now identifies as a switch, a creative sadist, and an overall rope enthusiast. She has spent the last while travelling and co-teaching with her partner Barkas, and when in Vancouver she helps run her local chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches. She has greatly enjoyed her rope journey thus far, and is curious to see where it takes her next.

Barkas & Addie Classes

The Rope Interview

The interview as a metaphor of tying. The interview combines the communication discourse with the one of power relationships. To tie with a person is always an involvement with a certain power relationship, simply and at least because of one person is tying and one person gets tied. But this scene also means a nonverbal conversation between the two people tying with each other. In this mind set we can think of an interview to describe the dynamics. With the help of some ipponnawa techniques we will explore some of the more obvious and some of the more subtle references to the interview metaphor. Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of rope bondage Level: All Type: Hands On  

Suspensions. Advanced

This advanced class will work on various positions in suspensions. This enables the participants to use suspensions for different purposes within their play.  Positions covered include Aomuke zuri (face up suspension), Gyaku ebi zuri (face down, legs bend to the back), and Sakasa zuri (head down/inversion). Prerequisites: Provable advanced knowledge of Rope Bondage/Basic Suspensions Level: Advanced Type: Hands On  

Addie Classes

Bottoming Rants

This class is built for bottoms and tops alike, with the aim of unpacking the bottoming experience, deconstructing a few myths, building solidarity, and finding tricks to work through tough spots. Addie has informally called this class “the Bottoming Rants” as it is a collection of stories, realizations, learning experiences, resolutions, tricks, and learn-from-my-mistakes gathered through personal experience and discussions with friends and colleagues. It will help bondage enthusiasts on both ends of the rope work together to make constructive, positive experiences. topics include: Bottoming education and some of its uses and pitfalls. Mental and physical traps we fall into when bottoming, and how one can address and reframe these constructively. The myth of the “good bottom.” Being new to the scene. Vetting and evaluating new play partners. Thoughts on the partnership between tying and tied, and on building a healthy bottoming community. Level: All Type: Discussion  


Based in Memphis, Tennessee and active in the BDSM community since 2010, EM is a sadistic rope and whip enthusiast whose interests lie in pushing his bottoms in strenuous yet beautiful poses. With years of experience learning rope from various artists across North America, his interpretation of Japanese bondage stems from a desire to withdraw submission from the female form and highlight it's beauty through suffering and strain. EM's primary interests (rope, whips, photography) stem from his interests in perfecting technique, skill, and accuracy with regard to all forms of S&M play.


Vertical Pole Suspension

Heavily based on a technique Nawashi Kanna used to secure a line to a vertical post, this class is -EM-'s take on tying to a vertical post or pillar or length of bamboo. With a tieoff much simpler and safer than the common icicle hitch, we'll explore the new opportunities that a stop sign, stripper pole, or tree will afford you during a suspension bondage scene. Prerequisites: Traditional overhead point suspensions should be regular occurences for top and bottom. Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Variety for the Lower Body

Suspending the lower body typically features one of a few predictable ties: a hip harness, an ankle cuff, or the futomomo shibari (Japanese frog leg tie). This class will get you thinking differently. Engaging the hips in a futomomo. Harnesses for the calves, thighs, or one thigh by itself... We're looking at comfortable or sadistic options that fall outside the common lower body ties. Prerequisites: This class focuses on the harnesses, not on spending lots of time in the air in them. However, prior experience tying for suspensions is heavily suggested, and a bottom with suspension experience even moreso. You'll need to be familiar with tying hip harnesses and properly tensioning them, since this class builds on that skill set. Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  


Sterling began her rope journey in August, 2013 as a bottom and four months later began rigging as well. She has never, ever been a part of a community that has ever made her feel so loved and so proud to be a part. She loves the passion many share for the artistic, sadistic, masochistic or just fun loving facets that rope bondage has for each individual person to experience and fall in love with. Her journey to rope education has been one filled with a genuine desire to simply share what she can.  The thing that keeps her working with bondage and teaching is the opportunity to help anyone achieve their goals in rope bondage, whatever they may be. She has had the privilege of performing with bondage on several occasions, in varying cities. She was honored to be selected for Morpheus’ Bondage Extravaganza 2014 as a rigger, as an attendee for the inaugural NARIX 2014, as an instructor for the Bondage Expo Dallas 2015 and 2016, as an instructor for the inaugural RopeCraft 2016 and had the honor of teaching rope at Beyond Vanilla 2017. As this journey continues forth, she looks forward to the friends she hopes to make and to being with the friends and loved ones found already in this wonderfully ropey world.


Beginning Suspension: All the Sh*t That Always Goes Wrong

This class isn't about the safety talk and it isn't about how to tie harnesses. It's about all the stuff that goes wrong when you already know the basics, because it always can and Murphy's Law says that it always will.  We will talk about how to streamline the process of suspension as you start getting into the deeper and riskier waters of rope bondage.  Too often we ask 'how in the world did that jam happen?' or 'where did her left arm was just attached, I swear!'.  Let's answer those questions and figure out how to prevent all the little things that can freak out people as they get their toes wet in suspension bondage. Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Rigging Suspension for Shortys & Smalls

This class is aimed toward smaller bodied individuals who often times find that they are constantly tying people that are larger then them.  It is a battle of balance and counter balance and of ensuring safety and control in a suspension situation where brute force alone will not do the trick.  This is a technical class to delve into what we can do manage rigging larger individuals than us shorties ;) Prerequisites: Must be capable of safe suspension Level: Advanced Type: Hands On  

Achievement Unlocked: Fluffy Suspension Top

I don't actually know what you would call the opposite of 'Semenawa' (torture bondage) but I am gonna argue that 'fluffy' is as good a place to start as any.  This class if focused on understanding the innate discomfort that rope naturally affords, and how to make basic suspensions more endurable for bottoms.  Sustainability of a tie can oftentimes be compromised by unintentional unsustainable levels of discomfort....lets fix that together!  Come to this class with rope and common problems you have and let's lab through them! Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On

Orannis - Free Range Rope

Orannis, who likes to be called O (pronouns: she/her), identifies primarily as masochist and a submissive.  She entered the scene 6 years ago, drawn to old-guard style BDSM, protocol, and edge-play/ordeal.  She was a member of an “old-guard” inspired BDSM household based in Philadelphia for 5 years where she was trained in protocol, leather skills, and sadomasochistic play under the careful tutelage of her Madame, LolaDoe. She continues her training under her Master Rufio. Although she has retained these interests her life changed when she was introduced to rope 4 years ago.  Primarily a bottom, Orannis was drawn to rope for its ability to foster intense connection, offer unique challenges, and deepen headspace. She trained initially under Murphy Blue, with whom she studied primarily his style and the style of Naka Akira. She has since had the opportunity to tie, connect with and study under talented riggers from all over the world to include, but not limited to Naka Akira, Kazami Ranki, Tifereth, Aeolist, Honeybear, PrometheusV… She is particularly excited about her work with Lizard, with whom she ties as well as co-teaches.  Orannis works in healthcare and incorporates her professional knowledge into the classes she teaches.  Currently, she is particularly interested in neurology and kink.  She has also studied bioethics and hopes to bring her interests in social justice, feminism, and equity into her kink career (and life in general).  Orannis has performed at Nuit Des Cordes, Bondage-A-GoGo, and for Dark Odyssey and Ropecraft. She is a NARIX alumnus. She currently serves as a staff member for Ropecpaft where she is the head of medical. Orannis is overcome with excitement to join Bondage Expo Denver and to co-moderate the Free Range Rope space. She hopes to aid Lizard in facilitating a safe, open space of discovery and connection.  

 Lizard - Free Range Rope

Lizard is a rope bondage enthusiast, with a lust for mental/emotional sadism, and edge play. She began tying five years ago, at a rope share group known as The Knotting Circle, and since then, has aspired to be a lifelong student of rope. Lizard gathers inspiration and knowledge from teachers, peers, and most notably, from the people that she ties. She is most well known for her innovative, "outside of the box" style of rope, which favors intention and adaptability over traditional aesthetics. When teaching, Lizard draws from her experience on both sides of the rope, as well as her career as a healthcare professional. Her passion and sense of humor make for an engaging class while her adaptive approach to rope inspires creativity and encourages problem solving. Lizard believes in making rope education a collaborative effort between tops and bottoms. She encourages active participation and feedback from the people who are tied in her class, so that everyone may learn from varying experiences. Native to the DC/Baltimore scene, Lizard has taught for events such as ROPECRAFT and Bound in Boston, as well as larger kink conventions like Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, where her “Bare Bones Bondage” class received high acclaim for making rope bondage “accessible” to everyone.

Marc Taylor and SNoB

Marc Taylor

MarcTaylor has been a rope bondage practitioner, performer, and educator for the past 11 years. MarcTaylor has taught and performed all over the world, most notably in Hong Kong, Toronto, and London. MarcTaylor is the ringleader of the Pink Fork Mafia, an international family of kinky people dedicated to each other and the pursuit of dungeon and real world shenanigans often involving pink plastic cutlery. He enjoys smooth jazz and naked people in distress.


Big Mike, aka SNoB, is a proud member of the Pink Fork Mafia, an international kink family. He moved to Denver in 2014 from Portland where he was involved in the kink scene since 2006. He has taught and performed at KinkFest, Sonic Bloom, Portland Rope Arts Group, Denver Rope Bite, Morpheus’s Bondage Extravaganza, DeaconX Fetish Night, Night of Kink, Repent and various other fetish events. He has also served on the KinkFest committee 5 times. He is a member of the circus groups Fractal Tribe and Cirque Tones


Fu*ked Up Sh*t

Do you like DM’s? Do you want to meet every DM in the dungeon? Do you want every DM in the dungeon nervously inching towards your scene unsure of what’s going on? If you answered yes to any of these questions this class is for you. We will go on a journey of discovery as we discuss, demonstrate, and dissect some of the more fu*ked up things you can do to a person helplessly bound in rope. Legos, bottle caps, rice, glass, and predicaments are just a few examples of topics that will be covered as well as the mental side of getting your partner to take more pain for you. You are guaranteed to leave with a few new sadistic tricks up your sleeve. Level: All Type: Hands On  

Above the Ring, Rigging in a Dungeon Environment

A suspension scene always starts the same way, setting up your hard point. Whether you use a ring, carabiners or a rigging plate, your setup always needs to be rigged up in a safe and effective manner. This class will cover the basics of doing that. One of the biggest keys to a successful suspension scene is being able to efficiently manage your vertical haul lines. For flow and efficiency but most importantly safety. If you don't have a clear grasp of how to get your bottom in the air, there is no way you will be able to get them down quickly and safely if something goes wrong. We will be taking the bottom out of the equation so the Mafia can help you work on exactly those skills. Level: Beginner/Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Suspension with a Stranger

Lets face it, pick up play isn't always easy. Its often filled with speed bumps and can lead to disappointment. When you add in an edge play like suspension the likelihood of running into problems increases. This will be a step by step instruction of a pick up suspension scene. From negotiation to aftercare including coming up with a suspension plan and how to modify this plan when complications arise. The instructor has never worked with this bottom before and will “thought bubble” the entire experience. Prerequisites: This class is targeted at novice to intermediate riggers who can get some people in the air but haven't developed advanced troubleshooting skills yet. Level: All Type: Demo

Ebi McKnotty

Ebi McKnotty is a rope addict based in Quebec City, Canada. She has been self­-tying since 2006, and started modeling as a bottom in 2007. She started tying others and self­-suspending in 2011 when she learned with the Ichinawa­Kai and Kazami Ranki in London. It hasn't stopped since. She travels all over America and Europe to learn and share her discoveries with her community. Ebi is the co-­founder of the North American Rope Exchange, also known as NARIX, a conference dedicated to the exploration of rope bondage. Grounded in the Japanese style, her ropes have been described as experimental, sweet, sensual and sadistic; usually all at the same time.  


Bamboo and Lashings

Very popular among boy scouts, lashings are very useful to tie two posts at an angle. They are also great at creating usual positions when tying two limbs together, or when tying said limb to a bamboo. Topics include the role of bamboo and lashing in bondage, clove hitch for bamboo, adapting lashings to tie limbs, improvisation exercise using bamboo, and time allowing partial suspension on bamboo. Level: Beginner/Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Fluidity and Tensions

Tying with control is the key for intense rope sessions. This class is a series of drills and tips to develop more fluidity and control over tension. Both partners will need to communicate as they learn to feel tension. Topics include handling tips, different levels of tension, tying with rhythm, and developing ambidextry. Level: All Type: Hands On  

Diamond Blue

Diamond Blue is the second in command of Team Blue, and chatelaine of Harmony House. She is a Shibari performer and model, a crisis management operative and itinerant stand-up philosopher,  and always, Samurai and partner to the incomparable Murphy Blue.


Wingdings and Ties: Polyamory on your Rope Path

Rope is great! Love is great! But when there's *more* of both, things can get tricky. Both Rope and relationships take us a lot of places, and it's often harder than we expect. What happens when your partner is doing more Rope or more, *ahem*, people than you expected? What happens when YOU are? Come learn and talk about some different ways to cope and even thrive when things get...different. Level: All Type: Discussion  

Eric Pride

Living in New York City, Eric Pride is an international BDSM and alternative lifestyle educator with a wonderfully engaging and interactive teaching style. While being highly skilled and sought after for a great variety of alternative lifestyle and play-related topics, he is possibly best known for his disarmingly subtle ability to connect and shape the most amazing scenes with his play partners, whether with rope, toys or just his creatively twisted mind.
Eric is a passionate, outgoing and social person who enjoys meeting new people of all ages, genders and orientations. He is a founding member and an instructor at the Master/slave Development Center, an educational group for Masters and slaves. He is also the founder of NYC Kinky Living (NYCKL) and the producer of the hands-on immersive weekend intensives KinkWorks, PlaySpace, EdgePlay, ROPESCAPE, ROPESCAPE 2 and Unleashed. You can learn more about Eric on his website


Chest-Harness-Based Transitions for Floor Rope

Through a series of exercises of increasing difficulty, we explore transitions for the floor involving a chest harness. We incorporate feedback play, body control and mechanics to achieve stronger connection and improved flow. Topics include: review of basic rope handling and management skills, body control and mechanics on the floor,  chest-harnesses (purpose, structural elements, placement, tension, and execution), and feedback play for floor transitions. Prerequisites: Experience with rope play is helpful (single and double column ties, fundamental rope handling skills and basic ties). Level: All Type: Hands On  

Introduction to Static Suspensions

This is an introductory class on static suspensions, approaching this topic in a clear, systematic and streamlined way. We cover topics such as: rope suspension safety for tops and bottoms, understanding and using chest harnesses (TKs), main and support lines in suspension, physics of static suspensions, structure, management and handling of static suspensions, and using hip support/harnesses (time permitting). Prerequisites: Previous rope experience is a requirement if you are attending to tie. You should be comfortable with rope handling and basic ties such as single and double ties, and a “suspension-worthy” two-rope TK. Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Feedback Play for Floor Rope

Feedback play involves a number of techniques to read, connect, and interact with your play partner. This class focuses on feedback play for floor rope. Through a series of exercises of increasing difficulty, we explore and practice techniques in feedback play. To achieve distinct responses and outcomes from our play partner, top and bottom each experiment with feedback play from their end of the rope: Tops examine different ways of tying in floor rope and several dimensions of timing (including intensity, tempo, duration, repetition and kinesthetic response), and bottoms allow themselves to go with the flow and experience different levels of control. Prerequisites: Experience with rope play is helpful (single and double column ties, fundamental rope handling skills and basic ties). Level: All Type: Hands On  


About 8 years ago Giotto found a passion for rope and set out to master it. He has an obsession with making the finest quality bondage rope in the world. Giotto has a passion for teaching beginners. He prides himself on his ability to breakdown a tie or skill into small digestible parts and not leaving any student behind. He loves to see his students quickly progress and share what they learn with others.  



Giotto will teach his own Japanese inspired hip harness, or koshinawa. Hip harnesses are a versatile and useful tool to add to your repertoire. Level: Beginner/Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Futomomo and other frog ties

Learn the traditional futomomo and western versions of this leg binding. Great ties for sex and suspension. Level: Beginner Type: Hands On  

Bandanna Play and Bondage - The Back Pocket Play Bag

Giotto will show the variety of uses for bandanas: decoration, restrain, and impact toy including, blindfold, gag, cuffs, bra, panties, collar and lead, flogger and single tail. This class is not for the faint of heart. Bandannas are one of the most vicious toys in Giotto’s bag. This is a hands on class. Giotto has a large collection of bandannas to loan, or students can bring their own. Level: All Type: Hands On  


IPCookieMonster has been a kinky pansexual polyamorous pagan freak for several years, and has written extensively about about her deliciously deviant lifestyle on fetlife and her blog, In the “vanilla” world, she has one of the best jobs ever: she’s a professor of sociology who studies the BDSM scene. In the “chocolate” world, she writes about and teaches kink, is a founding member of the firespinning troupe Hubris, and is an occasional burlesque/ropelesque perfomer. Having gone through everything from ballet to tap to fire to pole, she was starting to run out of forms of dance to study in her insatiable quest for new ways to sexily manipulate the human body when she was captured by the divinely inspired ropes of Murphy Blue. And lo, she found a new form of dance to obsess about (bondage) and got some new gods as a bonus. Once she had the epiphany that bondage is fucking awesome, she decided to start preaching the artistic, spiritual, and seductive powers of rope from the bottom.


Advanced Rope Bottoming: Contortured

This advanced class is about the serious shit: splits, backbends, reverse prayer/high hands, strapado, etc. There will be a discussion of relevant cross-training and resources for safe flexibility training, with a focus on the specific breathing and flexibility training exercises that help for bondage. There will be a demo of a difficult tie, with a discussion of how to manage the body in such challenging positions. Most importantly, students should leave this class able to gauge and explain their particular levels of flexibility to potential riggers. Participants are encouraged to bring yoga mats or similar, and arrive in class warmed up. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Demo  

Bridging the Communication Chasm between Tops and Bottoms

Riggers usually say that the most valuable skill for a rope bottom is good communication. However, there are serious challenges to becoming a skilled communicator as a rope bottom. These include subcultural shame around “topping from the bottom” and the fact that almost all of the vocabulary of bondage was created by riggers to talk about their priorities—which are frequently not the priorities of rope bottoms. In this workshop, we’ll work together to look for better strategies to help rope tops and bottoms communicate with one another to create mutually satisfying experiences, and IPCM's Excessive Overcommunication Exercise to practice what we discuss. Bring Your Own Rigger for the practice session. Level: All Type: Hands On  

Introduction to Rope Bottoming for Suspension, Part 1

This class is designed to give rope bottoms the information they need in order to safely and successfully manage their bodies while in suspension. The emphasis of this class is working with riggers who have never tied you before, so there will be discussion of evaluating potential riggers as well as how to successfully communicate with them. The core of the class is based around a demonstration while will include a negotiation as well as a detailed demonstration analyzing how to safely and elegantly manage your body while suspended by someone whose rope is new to you. Level: Beginner Type: Demo  

Introduction to Rope Bottoming for Suspension, Part 2

This class will begin with an exercise to help beginning and intermediate rope bottoms train physically and verbally for suspension. After that, participants will have an opportunity to get and give feedback to other rope bottoms as they are suspended. Rope bottoms will exchange guidance and tips in groups as people take turns being tied up. We will discuss and review all stages of the suspension process, including negotiation, tying, and untying. BYOR (Bring Your Own Rigger). Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  


Beginning 25 years ago with a mix of flea market handcuffs, bathrobe belts and neck ties, knot_head has always loved bondage. For him it IS about the simple, strict, positional bondage, and “what happens once she’s tied”, challenging predicaments being his favorite. Although he began with Japanese style rope, he’s since gravitated to the strict, clean, efficient, Western style of riggers like Jay Edwards, Matt Williams, Lew Rubens and Claire Adams. He still loves learning all sorts of tips, ties and tricks, and will eagerly attend almost any rope class or bondage workshop. In the past few years he caught the photography bug and loves showing kinksters how easy it can be to get a quality shot with their gear, in almost any setting. His schtick is to make bondage (and photography) simple and fun for anyone willing to learn.  


Intermediate Predicament tie along and lab time

We’ll work through some basic engineering for safety and fun in discussion, and then as a group we'll tie along a simple, diabolical, (almost) safe neck rope to crotch rope, partial suspension predicament. This tie is designed for a female bottom, on a simple chain point (doesn't need a frame). It’s also engineered to fail in a safe direction. It’s a fun tie for the couple to play in and can be adjusted both for intensity and for most physical limitations. Time permitting we’ll lab out YOUR ideas, and see where we could tweak and engineer in an acceptable level of safety. Prerequisites: If you’re going to tie along, a basic suspension skill level, and knowledge of your partner and how to tune to suit them. Bring YOUR suspendable chest harness or TK, and "futo " or frogged leg, we'll use them. Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Showing you NOT the ropes… Layering and Mixed Media Bondage

Yes, there IS  bondage that doesn’t involve rope. Explore and lab time with some other fun bondage mediums.  Leather straps, duct tape, chains, handcuffs, zip ties, electrical tape, pantyhose, ... speaker wire? We’ll talk safety considerations, advantages and disadvantages of some common alternatives to rope.  We’ll lab out some ties and tricks you can’t do with rope, and even a fun hood / armbinder combo from a single pair of pantyhose. We'll discuss and demo some "layers", things like hoods, mitts, gags, ballet boots, and how they effect play, safety and aesthetic. Pantyhose, zip ties and tape provided by the event.  Come on out and get some inspiration from outside the box(tie). Level: All Type: Hands On  

Escape challenge

Discussion on safety and negotiation, and several, increasingly difficult rigging challenges where your bottom actively tries to escape. Prerequisites:  Level: All Type: Hands On  

Murphy Blue

Always prepared with a smile, a joke, and a length of rope, Murphy Blue has been bringing his kink knowledge and signature style wherever he could since the turn of the century. A self-claimed "American Rigger", Murphy tries to focus not just on the *hows* of tying, but the frequently forgotten *whys*. The interplay of people and energy through rope and gestures is something that should be passed along, and Murphy does his best to assist with that. While most well known for his unique ropework, creative performances, bouncy demeanor, and intense love for Transformers, "The Blue" is also a scholar of different kinky skills, a skilled photographer, a budding writer, a practicing energy worker of multiple traditions, and a pretty darn good dancer. He is on a constant search for more information about the art of Shibari, experience different fetish environments and learn new skills. Murphy travels the country with the lovely ladies of "Team Blue", sharing insight, gaining knowledge, and saving the world, one knot at a time. There is a tale of him being trapped and his only chance to survive was to suspend multiple women to please a dark council. When asked about this, Murphy only smiles.  


Introduction to Rope Bondage

A basic introduction to the world of Asian style rope bondage. The class would cover 1&2 column ties, as well as basic chest and crotch harness. It would then show how these things can be put together. Level: Beginner Type: Hands On  

Multi-Person Bondage

When you add a second rope bottom into the mix, you add a second set of needs, desires, and expectations. This class focuses on some concepts and ideas to help you keep everyone as connected in the scene as possible, even if there are no knots holding them there. Level: Advanced Type: Demo  

Sexable Shibari

Ever get your partner tied up, riled up, and ready to go to find that awesome tie needs to be undone before “Getting down to business”? This class focuses on a few ties and positions that allow that type of full access you’re looking for. Level: Beginner Type: Hands On


Mynx is an enthusiastic rope top, experienced rigger and suspension artist with a passion for giving rope and sharing her knowledge with the community. She has attended workshops offered by Midori, Tatu, Lew Rubens, Stefano, WykD Dave, Kanso, Osaka Dan and Akira Naka to name just a few and is dedicated to continuing her personal journey tying, teaching and performing with rope. Mynx has presented classes and intensive workshops across the country where she focuses on building connections between partners and developing precision in each tie. A passionate believer in muscle memory, Mynx’s students learn by tying along with her. As a Nurse Anesthetist, her extensive medical background gives Mynx a unique perspective on bondage safety and nerve injury. Mynx is also a fitness instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).


Partial Suspensions - the Slow Unfolding of Beautiful Suffering

We will begin this class examining uplines, their variability and their management. We will then explore the beauty of suffering through partial suspensions. Partial suspensions expose vulnerability and erotic helplessness, impart beautiful physical and mental challenges for the bottom, and allow for close connection between partners. Prerequisites: Solid understanding of a Gote and basic understanding of suspension lines Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Aha Moments: Subtleties That Have A Huge Impact in Rope Bondage

Over the past year I have discovered that just a few subtle changes made a huge impact in the function, comfort and aesthetic of my rope bondage. In this class I will share my aha moments and we will take your rope beyond functionality to the finer points of rope bondage. Surpassing the basic form, we will explore nuances of friction, rope handling and direction changes to make your ties cleaner and more effective. Participants will leave with a set of specific techniques that apply universally to advance the artistry and sustainability of their rope bondage. Level: All Type: Discussion  


Shay is a vivacious femme switch with over a decade of experience educating, hosting, and performing in the BDSM community (often with her partner Stefanos). Her background as an ER nurse informs her passion for risk awareness education; as well as being an international presenter, she is a self-rigger with a love for dynamic suspensions. She is the creator and writer of the bondage safety website and identifies as a purveyor of perversion, pansexual polyamorist playslut, and alliteration fetishist! She is based in San Francisco, where she is the programming director for Dark Odyssey: Surrender & the SF Citadel, as well as being the producer of Twisted Windows and host of BENT, San Francisco’s biggest ongoing dungeon event.  


Flipping Out: 2-Point Dynamic Suspensions

Explore the acrobatics and freedom of movement that rope can offer! This playful rig lends itself well to silly and exhibitionistic scenes... or to nasty predicaments! Shay will cover safety concerns specific to this rig and review the necessary supplies. She will then show several variations on a 2-point dynamic suspension, focusing on attaching from just the hips (using a Leto harness). Bring your rope kit if you'd like to practice along, and as time & equipment allows we'll get you in the air! This class is very self-suspension friendly.   Supply requirements: Please bring at least two 25-30 foot lengths of suspension-worthy rope. Nylon or MFP is recommended. If you have carabiners and/or spinners, please bring what you’ve got! For main support lines, instructors will have Amsteel to loan. Bottoms/self-suspenders should ideally wear snug leggings/tights. Prerequisites: Tops: This is a fast-moving class that assumes an intermediate level of suspension knowledge -- it is not appropriate for bondage beginners. Tops should know, at minimum, suspension-ready chest harness, attaching support lines, and basics of evaluating hard points and negotiation for bondage. While the Leto harness will be reviewed in class, familiarity with this tie will be very advantageous. Bottoms: You must be healthy enough for suspension in general, and inversion specifically. Mobile suspensions are not necessarily strenuous (they can be quite comfortable), but getting the most out of mobile suspensions requires body awareness & some degree of fitness. If you are not experienced with suspension, you might start with reading this article. Self-riggers: Same requirements as for tops AND bottoms. This is an intermediate-difficult tie to self-rig. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Hands On  

The Triangle Suspension (for Masochists & Movers)

Explore dynamic movement with this minimalistic 3- to 5- point-based rig. This class is hands-on and is self- or partnered-suspension friendly. As the rigging is fairly minimal, a good portion of the class will focus on giving the suspended person time to learn how to get the most out of the rig.  Supplies: 2-4 pieces of ~30 foot rope, 2-4 pieces of ~10-15 foot rope. A suspension ring and/or at least 4 carabiners (locking carabiners strongly preferred). Upline (synthetic/rated upline strongly recommended). Prerequisites: Suspension-worthy chest harness (preferred) or TK that can load from the back. Support line management skills. For people being suspended: Body awareness and adequate fitness for a strenuous tie that heavily loads the chest & requires core strength. Communication skills. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Hands On    

Stretching, Conditioning, & Warmup (WITH KinkySpinx)

There’s been a lot of research on effective warm-up, conditioning, and stretching. Much of what we thought we knew years ago is probably wrong! This class provides an overview of the science on injury prevention and warm-up/stretching.  After reviewing the general principles, we’ll have an opportunity to run through a warm-up, some conditioning and core exercises, and both static and dynamic stretches. Every body is different. Understanding the research, and your goals/intentions, will help you design a routine that works for you. This is a body-positive class that can be modified for a spectrum of physical abilities, and explores these topics as an optional addition to your bondage skillset. Prerequisites: Body and health awareness to participate safely at a level that's appropriate for your body. Level: Beginner/Intermediate Type: Hands On

Ojipan and goodmosttimes

Ojipan and Goodmosttimes are the teaching team behind the current Devil Mask Society Cell classes. As switches, they specialize in addressing topics from both sides of a tie.


Ojipan has been involved in kink in one form or another for over a decade. He has rigorously been studying rope for five years. Andrew’s rope is heavily influenced by the work of Pedro, Nawashi Kanna, and Hajime Kinoko. He has instructed at Bondage Expo Dallas 2015 & 2016 and Ropecraft New Orleans.


goodmosttimes started her rope education, as a bottom, in early 2012. Happily part of the Devil Mask Society since its inception, she is now one of the driving forces behind many of their local events. She leads the SoCal chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches, moderates annual rope bottoming panels at her local dungeon, and helped produce Ropenspace LA, NARIX 2016, and Kinoko’s Los Angeles Cyber Rope performance. GMT has learned her switchy skills from an array of visiting international instructors. She’s also proud to have performed locally, at Folsom Street Fair, and at Ropecraft NOLA. She thoroughly enjoyed teaching with Ojipan at Ropecraft NOLA and BED 2015 and 2016 as well as at weekend intensives across the US and Canada.


Tasuki Shibari 

Hands behind tie with an X across the body This instructional teaches not only variations on the Tasuki Shibari pattern but also demonstrates applications for Agoura and Ebi Shibari. Partial suspensions for torture play taught. Applications for full suspension discussed with demonstration if allowed by class time. Prerequisites: Ability to construct a non-collapsing single column tie. Familiarity with the components of a gote shibari will be helpful. Level: Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Historical Adaptation Lab

"It's not about Shibari being great, it's about individuality.“ Hajime Kinoko, 2011 - This lab is intended to inspire a creative approach to deconstruction and adaptation of ties in the hopes of encouraging more diversity and self-expression in rope bondage. We will focus on exercises in pattern adaptation from historical Japanese sources. Both presenters and attendees will participate in the experimentation with observation and critique. Sources will be provided. Prerequisites: An understanding of various components of tying and an open mind for recontextualizing them into something new. Level: Beginner/Intermediate Type: Hands On  

Suspendable Hishi Tengu

Diamond chest harness with arms bent up at the sides This class will combine the intensity of the Hojo-Hishi pattern with the arm positioning of the Tengu tie in a form that is appropriate for upright suspensions. Participants will have time to experiment with Postman, M-shape, Windmill other upright variations. Prerequisites: Ability to construct a stable single column tie and in-line cuff. Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Hands On