Frequently Asked Questions

About Bondage Expo Denver

  • What is the minimum age to attend Bondage Expo Denver?
    Bondage Expo Denver is open to adults aged 18 years or older. You must be at least 18 years of age before the event starts.
  • I have no experience with bondage. Is Bondage Expo Denver for me?
    Many Bondage Expo Denver staffers and volunteers started out just like you! Each day you will have the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops designed for those who want to learn the basics. Our instructors are incredibly patient, thoughtful and best of all approachable. If there is something you want to learn or practice you will have an easy time finding both instructors and attendees willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge.
  • I have advanced bondage skills. Why should I attend Bondage Expo Denver?
    Bondage Expo Denver will offer several intermediate and advanced level workshops throughout the event. Our most knowledgeable attendees should come away both having learned something new and having shared what they know. The facility will be set up for skill sharing among new found friends outside the classroom. In addition to education, Bondage Expo Denver provides a great atmosphere to connect with others in the bondage community and terrific play opportunities at night.
  • I have never been to a kink event. What can I expect to find at Bondage Expo Denver?
    Friendship, fun and community! Our focus is education and skill sharing and through those activities many lasting friendships are formed and fostered. Days are spent in classes and shopping in our vendor mall. Nights are spent socializing and playing in our fully-equipped space.
  • If I don’t have a partner can I still attend Bondage Expo Denver?
    Absolutely! Many of our attendees will probably come without partners. Couples sometimes split up during class time. It should be very easy to meet others at Bondage Expo Denver in what we hope will be a friendly and welcoming environment. Instructors will try to help pair up any singles in the class for hands-on work. Attending classes provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people in a non-threatening, low-key environment.
  • What should I wear? Is there a dress code for Bondage Expo Denver?
    Inside the event space you can wear whatever clothing, or lack thereof, that makes you comfortable. Most people will keep it casual during the day. Yoga pants or shorts and tank tops or t-shirts that allow for freedom of movement may be helpful. In the evening, you may find more formal fetish wear while others remain casual or wear nothing at all. There is no dress code and you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. PLEASE REMAIN STREET LEGAL OUTSIDE OF THE EVENT SPACE.
  • What should I bring to Bondage Expo Denver?

    An interest in bondage and some rope. Any kind will do – from clothesline to twisted hemp. Natural or synthetic. If you don’t have rope we will have some available for purchase in the Vendor area. If you are interested in photography and learning more about it, bring your camera.

    We also suggest a blanket, sheet, or yoga mat to put on the floor; a pen & paper if you want to take notes in class (no tablets or pads that have photographic capabilities can be used in the event space); a refillable water bottle and snacks; and a watch (can’t use cell phones to tell time in the event space.)


  • I haven’t decided who I am going to take with me, can I still buy a registration for them?
    Yes, buy a second registration using your name and e-mail address. Then send a message to when you figure out who the lucky person is that you’re going to take with you. We’ll give you instructions on how to transfer your registration. Note that you will need to provide that person’s full legal name, e-mail, Badge name, and their city and state if they want that included on the badge.
  • I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?
    Sorry, all sales are final and there are no refunds. However, you can transfer your registration up until August 1.
  • I can no longer attend. Can I transfer my registration?
    No. Sorry it is past the transfer date.
  • Does registration include my hotel room and meals?
    Your registration fee includes access to the Meet and Greet, classes, performances, vendor area and play spaces. The Meet & Greet Friday night includes dinner. Hotel room and other meals are not included.
  • How much do day passes cost?
    We are happy to announce we are selling day passes at the registration table. Day pass for Saturday are $99 and passes for Sunday are $69.

Activities at Bondage Expo Denver

  • Do I have to sign up for classes?
    We are going to look at this issue after Bondage Expo Dallas. They are trying out a signup form. If this proves successful, we will adapt it for Bondage Expo Denver.
  • Is play in the evening limited to bondage? Are other forms of play welcome?
    Other forms of play are definitely welcome at Bondage Expo Denver! Since the focus of the event is bondage and the attendees are interested primarily in rope you will probably see more rope play than in most spaces. Please don’t let this hold you back from engaging in other forms of play you enjoy. For many, rope bondage is only part of the equation so you can expect to see many forms of play each evening. (Please see our play space rules for guidelines and prohibited activities.)

Hotel and Area Information

  • Can I take public transportation from the airport to the hotel?
    Yes, but it can take a while. Time on the train is about 90 minutes between the airport and the hotel. It costs $9, and requires a transfer. Uber and Lyft also service Denver International Airport, as well as all major car rental companies. Here is a bit more about options between the airport and hotel.
  • What is the best auto route between the airport and the hotel?
    Unless you’re arriving at rush hour or there is a major accident, take I-225. The E-470 Toll Road offers no significant time savings over I-225.
  • Does the hotel charge for parking?
    Nope. Parking is free.
  • Do I have to stay at the conference hotel?
    You are welcome to stay where you like; however, please remember that when you support the conference hotel you support Bondage Expo Denver! With classes starting at 9:00am and playtime ending at 2:00am there is often little time for sleep, let alone commuting to another location. Staying at the conference hotel also affords you the convenience of being able to return to your hotel room during breaks in our schedule and generally makes for an easier weekend.
  • Are there other restaurants nearby?
    There are a few restaurants within a 15 minute walk of the hotel, and several more one stop up on the light-rail at Park Meadows. Here is an informal list of restaurants in the area.
  • Where is the nearest grocery store?
    The nearest grocery story is Safeway which is 1 mile west on Lincoln Ave.
  • Where is the nearest shopping?
    Park Meadows is one stop up on the light rail. They have over 100 shops in their mall.